I came up with it (Vandal Expressionism) in the summer of 2010. It seemed to best represent what I do and who I am. It signifies how I repurposed the visual language of graffiti and street art. And it’s quite universal, as it translates well into other languages.- Joseph Meloy

Working in a style Meloy coined Vandal Expressionism, his particular brand of post-graffiti abstraction also draws heavily from AbEx, art brut, cave painting and hieroglyphics. Melding the abstract and the figurative, his work delves into the impulses of the subconscious and seeks to transcribe them spontaneously onto canvas, paper and wall in an otherworldly yet distinctly urban visual language.  Bouncing, fluttering, twisting and interlocking, the pieces pile up and fall into place as the marks flicker in and out of representation, coalescing into abstracted impressions of the natural and manmade universe.