I am fascinated with the depiction of some aspects of human experience, which I believe have remained essentially unchanged since prehistoric times. In my work, I explore this theme using technology, a tool for achieving distance, control, and spontaneity. My passion for robotics and performative installations allows me to delve into micro-recurring storytelling and mise-en-scène. - Patrick Tresset, 2023 

Patrick Tresset is a contemporary French artist best known for his performative installations, drawings, and generative computational works. His work explores the representation of human experience using computational systems, robotics, and traditional media.
His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows, including in association with major museums such as; The Pompidou Center (Paris), Prada Foundation (Milan), Tate Modern (London), V&A, MMCA (Seoul), The Grand Palais (Paris), BOZAR (Brussels), TAM (Beijing), Mcam (Shanghai), Mori Museum (Tokyo).