While my work is anchored in representation, I try to not only focus on depicting the details of my subject, but also try to capture the emotion - the essence of it. That particular something that drew me to that subject in the first moment. My paintings tend to transform and take a life on their own, like they want to be telling their own story. - Agnes Grochulska, 2022

Agnes Grochulska suggests themes and ideas in her work, but also leaves room for an individual narrative, preferring to create works in which not everything is fully realized. The viewer can finish the story in their mind and in their own way.


At the same time, the visible brush strokes, vivid colors, and the gestural character of her paintings offer the viewer an insight to the painting process itself. By highlighting the physical process of painting, Grochulska emphasizes the ever-shifting, intricate connection between the artist, the subject and the viewer.