"While my work is anchored in representation, I try to not only focus on depicting the

details of my subject, but also try to capture the emotion - the essence of it. That

particular “something” that drew me to that subject in the first moment. My paintings

tend to transform a lot during the painting process and take a life on their own, like they want to be telling their own story…" - Agnes Grochulska.

Agnes Grochulska is a contemporary painter working mainly in oils. She also creates drawings in graphite and charcoal.

Grochulska studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. Since becoming a full-time artist in 2016 her work has been shown among others, at galleries in New York City, Denver, Miami, Virginia and abroad.

A solo exhibition of her work “Archetypes” took place at the Virginia Museum of

Contemporary Art from November 27, 2021, until March 6, 2022. Another solo show was “The Outline “ at PULPO GALLERY in Germany (May 2022).


Recent exhibitions include NOMAD St. Moritz, Switzerland with John Wolf, and “New Waves 2020” at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art curated by Susan Thompson, an Associate Curator at the Guggenheim Museum.


Grochulska's work has won several awards and has been published in Colossal Magazine, Artist’s Magazine, Drawing Magazine, Artists on Art Magazine, and others.​ ​Her drawings and paintings have been shown and privately collected throughout the US and Europe.
New work can be also found at her regularly updated website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.


Agnes Grochulska is interested in a broad spectrum of themes and subjects in her art. She is drawn to the human subject with all the emotion, meaning, and importance that only the human form can carry. Another idea she likes to explore is the landscape around her, trying to capture the essence of the place.


SELECTED Solo and group Exhibitions

  • 2021  “Agnes Grochulska - Archetypes” solo exhibition. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Virginia Beach. USA.
  • 2021 “Thinking Out Loud” PULPO GALLERY. Murnau. Germany.
  • 2020 "New Waves 2020" Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Virginia Beach. USA
  • 2020 "NOMAD" St. Moritz. Switzerland (John Wolf, Los Angeles, US).
  • 2019 CURRENT ART FAIR. Richmond. USA.
  • 2019 “National Juried show” Larkin Arts. Harrisonburg. USA.
  • 2019 “Uncommon Grounds” Black Iris Gallery. Richmond. USA.
  • 2019 “Line and Color. Paintings of People”. Solo exhibition. Eric Schindler Gallery. Richmond. USA.
  • 2019 “Offscreen Art Show”. Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn. NY.
  • 2019 “Headcount”. Endeavor Gallery. Richmond. USA.
  • 2019 “Return to Order" Conde Contemporary. Miami. USA.
  • 2018 “28th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show” Abend Gallery. Denver. USA.
  • 2018 “Monochroma” ArtPrize10. Grand Rapids. Michigan. USA.
  • 2018 “Annual Drawing Exhibition” Yellow Barn Studio Gallery. Glen Echo Park. Washington DC. USA.
  • 2018 “Visual Therapy” The Frank Gallery. Miami. USA.
  • 2017 CURRENT ART FAIR. Richmond. USA.
  • 2017 “Single Fare 4” Highline Stages. New York. USA.
  • 2017 “Serenum” Dacia Gallery. New York. USA.
  • 2016 “Painting in the Garden” Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Richmond. USA.
  • 2016 “New Work by Miguel Carter-Fisher and Agnes Grochulska” Eric Schindler Gallery. Richmond. USA.