I paint all what surrounds me, what I see. My work is intuitive and inspired by all what takes my interest. All becomes form, enters into my drawings and paintings: animals, nature, fashion, films, books, news, also feelings, music, images from childhood up to now, without restrictions. Gabrielle Graessle, 2022

The uninfluenced, pure way of freely expressing oneself creatively has always fascinated Graessle. The idea is to return to the innocence with which a child sees and captures the world. But she was discouraged to use this approach, for fear that it might be considered too quick and seen as unfinished. Supported by her long-standing experience in her current practice, she has found a unique path to lightness and ease in her painting style.
She works on several large format, colored, intuitive and figurative paintings at the same time. Drawings are still an important part of her work as they are spontaneous expressions of her thoughts and stories and are often the starting point for her paintings.