“Tom Warren, the omnipresent photographer with a Hasselblad F1000, arrived in New York City in March of 1979 when CBGB's, the Mudd Club, Xenon, Palladium, and Danceteria were in full swing and after graduating from Kent State University's School of Journalism with a Bachelor of Science degree in Photo-Illustration. It was the year Leonard Abrams founded the East Village Eye, a local paper focusing on politics, art, and gentrification that wouldeventually publish Tom's photographs and was the first to publish the word 'hip-hop'. […]".

Tom Warren was born in 1954 in Lakewood, Ohio and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Photo-Illustration from the School of Journalism at Kent State University. In March 1979 he moved to New York City where he lives and works until today.