My inspiration comes from art history and how I read what’s happening around me. I believe the greatest artists in the history have resisted documenting their era immersively. Instead, they have been questioning about their era and have abstracted what’s around them through their own digest system, which could be painful yet fascinating at the same time. - Gao Hang, 2022

Sourcing from his diverse experiences ranging from an artistic training in China in traditional oil painting, to experiments with a variety of art techniques in the US, Gao Hang developed his own pictorial language using airbrush as a medium. He refers to the smoothness of the surface altered by filters and questions the urge for technical development and the ever-improving high definition in the digital world. His self-described ‘bad ideas’ take a deeper look at the phenomenon of social media, explore the dynamics of our era, and document the current zeitgeist, while intentionally leaving the development of smart ideas’ to the viewer. The interpretation of the depicted time capsules is therefore individual and the works unfold through the viewer’s eyes.