If you’re remixing popular music you change the rhythm or the sound… What I do is something entirely different. I have thought for a long time about what to call what I do. I like the word remix because it comes from youth culture. - Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz is known for his neo-expressionist paintings, a distinctive, rough brushwork, and use of bold colors. His work, which also includes sculptures and prints, explores German history, particularly the trauma of the war and postwar period. These themes, including the depiction of disoriented, wounded, and uprooted "heroes," provoked. "If I had been born differently, born somewhere else, I certainly could have made happier pictures," says the outspoken Baselitz, who repeatedly polarized the art world. Later, Baselitz became heavily involved with the form of paintings. He painted Frakturbilder, in which he divided pictorial motifs into strips and reassembled them as fragments. In addition, he turned motifs "upside down," as it were, in reversal paintings. This method, with which Baselitz wanted to free pictures from their fatal dependence on reality, made him world famous.