I keep thinking about the word bloom, not in the context of flowers but as a word to describe how a colour erupts and transforms, how it can sink into or glide across a surface. Those subtle shifts like light dancing behind your eyelids. - Rhiannon Inman-Simpson, 2023

Focusing on bodily perception of place alongside the nature of painting itself, Rhiannon Inman-Simpson’s work looks at the differences in how we navigate, both physically and imaginatively, three distinct realms: the visceral experience of an environment, the pictorial space of a painting and the space of written language. Her current paintings dwell on encounters between body and place: the colour change when your eyes are disorientated by bright light; the sensation of moving your limbs through cold water; a rapid heartbeat. Approaching each work instinctively, she moves between colour, form and marks as if navigating a physical environment.