Media Kit - Thinking out Loud

November 10, 2021


Thinking out Loud 


artist statements

Noah Becker

Agnes Grochulska

Gregory de la Haba

Gao Hang

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson

Royal Jarmon

Justine Otto

Richard Roth

Tracey Snelling

Houda Terjuman

Jordan West


short bio

Noah Becker - Short Bio

Agnes Grochulska - Short Bio

Gregory de la Haba - Short Bio

Gao Hang - Short Bio

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson - Short Bio

Royal Jarmon - Short Bio

Justine Otto - Short Bio

Richard Roth - Short Bio

Tracey Snelling - Short Bio

Houda Terjuman - Short Bio

Jordan West - Short Bio



Noah Becker - The Prodigal Son, 2020

Agnes Grochulska - Portrait with Aquamarine Outline, 2020

Agnes Grochulska - It Looks How it Feels, 2020

Gao Hang - Auto Tune, 2020

Gao Hang - Proud to be an American, 2020

Gregory de la Haba - Natalie White as Agnes Dei, 2014

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson - A Cold Bite, 2021

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson - Below a Shifting Minute, 2021

Royal Jarmon - Big Lit, 2021

Justine Otto - Based on a True Story, 2019

Justine Otto - Atlanta (Dog Singer), 2020

Richard Roth - One Size Fits All, 2021

Richard Roth - Testa Rosa 3, 2021

Richard Roth - Bada Bing, 2021

Tracey Snelling - Shanghai / Chongqing Hot Pot / Mixtape Building, 2019

Tracey Snelling - Big Fuck, 2020

Houda Terjuman - Uprooted Home, 2021

Houda Terjuman - Uprooted Palm, 2021

Jordan West - Tires #2, 2018

Jordan West - Catalogue of Memories, Oil on canvas, 2021

Jordan West - Catalogue of Memories, 2016


press release text


Murnau, 9 November 2021 – For Immediate Release THINKING OUT LOUD


PULPO GALLERY Murnau, 19 November – 23 December 2021 Opening Reception: Friday, 19 November 2021 from 5 to 9 pm


PULPO GALLERY is pleased to announce THINKING OUT LOUD on view from November 19 through December 23, 2021. An opening reception will be held on Friday, November 19, 2021 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Artists Justine Otto and Tracey Snelling will be present. Visitors are kindly asked to RSVP to


A potpourri of diverse, international and versatile artists who keep the contemporary art world in excitement, the group exhibition THINKING OUT LOUD features a selection of works by 11 outstanding artists: Noah Becker, Agnes Grochulska, Gregory de la Haba, Gao Hang, Rhiannon Inman-Simpson, Royal Jarmon, Justine Otto, Richard Roth, Tracey Snelling, Houda Terjuman and Jordan West. The exhibition operates in a field of tension between different materials, styles and artist personalities focusing on current socio-cultural issues.


Flashing neon lights, dreamlike landscapes, and striking faces. The works are shown together in a challenging and inspiring blend that is eager to be discovered and allow the viewer to see a reflexion of our current Zeitgeist through clear artistic perspectives.


In his paintings, Noah Becker combines stylized figures and street art elements within a surreal landscape in a socio-critical way, while Agnes Grochulska’s mesmerizing portraits show us all the emotion, meaning and importance that only the human form can carry.


With his still life, Gregory de la Haba sets the idea of a memento mori in order to interpret themes such as femininity and spirituality in a controversial way. In contrast to that we see Gao Hang’s figures, whose almost geometrical shapes boarder on the abstract, question the excessive use of social media within his generation and the current urge for self-representation.


Agnes Grochulska, Portrait with Aquamarine Outline, 2020. © The Artist


Rhiannon Inman-Simpson approaches the canvas instinctively and lets the colors perform a balanced dance on the surface while creating complex compositions.


Tracey Snelling’s monumental sculptures and installations provide sociological studies of places at a specific time in history. In a similar manner, Royal Jarmon combines memories of eveyday objects and places in order to pose the viewer a riddle.


Tracey Snelling, Shanghai / Chongoing Hotpot / Mixtape Building, 2019 © Jörg Dedering


Justine Otto's paintings appear like excerpts from a dream - apparitions and fabulous scenes enclosed in an imaginative atmospheric landscape. In contrast, Richard Roth’s artworks offer a sensational relationship with reality by combining autonomous forms with structures taken from West African fabric patterns, Zulu baskets, Navajo blankets, and early American quilts.


In her floating sculptures Houda Terjuman takes the viewer on a journey through the Middle East, Europe and Africa and reveals a pronounced sense of exclusion, nostalgia, and search for identity. Similarly, Jordan West brings the idea of a fleeting moment into his painting and captures impressions of the sublime, isolation, dreams, memories, and visions – an extremely skillful play with reality.


The exhibition offers a mirror of the human soul. It is filled with emotions and the longing for an escape into into a world of dreams. The exhibited artists all left a distinctive fingerprint on the contemporary art world by creating time capsules of the present time.

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