Taylor White

17 June - 8 July 2022 Murnau

My work gives form to fleeting memories and the dormant mania crawling beneath the carpet of the western home. These images recount crisis and triumph, momentum and confinement, lust and low-altitude bombing. Finding stillness in the recording of arguments within the process of painting and drawing, I return to my childhood freezer filled with popsicles and secret passageways.

The American artist Talyor Anton White's (b.1978) practice consists of a haphazard assemblage of materiality (found or crafted), of layered, disparate patterns utilizing bold colors, tactile texturing and strewn together as if forming a wildly abstract yet familiar puzzle harkening back to our childhood, and to times of playfulness when all was still innocent. And fun. Often, the pieces of canvas or carpeting are sewn together. The seam, therefore, acts as a counterpoint to Mr. White’s heavy-use of line painted thick or thin, drawn or airbrushed and always in a frenetic, child-like scribble but utilized just the same: as a visual tool to guide in the eyes traversing within the picture’s framework much the way they’d tango within Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro. And we happily abide in White’s commanding order. - Gregory de la Haba