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Bergson Pulpo Gallery GmbH

Obermarkt 51

82418 Murnau am Staffelsee


Managing Directors: Katherina Zeifang, Nico Zeifang

  • Pulpo Gallery Murnau


    PULPO GALLERY Murnau is located on the Bavarian alpine foothills in the artist town of Murnau. Beautiful lake & moor landscapes, old farmhouses with fresco paintings and romantic old fishing villages act as the backdrop for our contemporary art program. Called the Blue Land for its picture perfect natural lighting, this area was once frequented by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter. 

  • PULPO GALLERY at Bergson Kunstkraftwerk


    October 10, 2023 will see the premiere of Bergson Kunstkraftwerk in the west of Munich. Situated on more than 20,000 square meters, the former Aubing heating plant will play host to 1,800 square meters of gallery space, an extensive cultural offering, modern event formats and high-quality gastronomy. With a height of almost 25 meters, the former boiler hall - now the atrium - forms the centerpiece. The brutalist architecture of its four silos - the former coal storage tanks - provide an unparalleled gallery setting across 220 square meters of exhibition space. 
    Flanking the gigantic cube, new buildings will house an additional 1,580 square meters of gallery space and the Elektra Tonquartier concert hall. Deep below, night owls party at the jazz-club Barbastelle.
    PULPO GALLERY's 1,800 square meter of gallery space will be complemented by a 400 seat concert hall, a 500 seat beergarden (we are in Munich after all), indoor and outdoor restaurants, a high-end bar, various event spaces and a tv studio for artist talks.