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September 16, 2022


Press Release - Gao Hang-My Bad Ideas

Pressemitteilung - Gao Hang-My Bad Ideas



Gao Hang in his studio









PULPO GALLERY is pleased to announce Gao Hang’s upcoming solo exhibition My Bad Ideas on view from 16 September through 29 October 2022. An opening reception will take place on Friday, 16 September 2022 from 5 pm to 8 pm. On this occasion a virtual artist talk will be held at 6:30 pm, where Gao Hang will be joined by Helga Krutzler from PULPO GALLERY. Visitors are kindly asked to RSVP to Please note the current hygiene rules.


The exhibition Gao Hang – My Bad Ideas features the most recent works by the Houston-based painter and visual artist. After numerous exhibitions across the US and Europe, Hang’s works are being shown in a solo exhibition in Germany for the first time. Hang belongs to a generation that grew up in the computer age and is naturally familiar with the internet. For millennials, the extended use of social media is part of everyday life and can become increasingly time-consuming. With his smartly chosen snapshots, Gao documents his attitude towards the digital world and his own mind journey from the struggle of endless screentime to the fight against it. A tendency that most people can relate to very well.


Hang’s work titles are hidden references, and the viewer might recognize hints to stand-up comedy quotes or viral trends. Without knowing the titles, the works could depict specially selected objects and places or portray a particular person. On the other hand, they could also be anything or anyone. A favorite star or any person from social media; the currently most popular video game or all games of the era in one; an excerpt from the most recent invention or the influence of all the technological development surrounding us. The generalized irony only gets visible through the title provided by the artist.


Sourcing from his diverse experiences ranging from an artistic training in China in traditional oil painting to experiments with a variety of art techniques in the US, Hang developed his own pictorial language using airbrush as a medium. He refers to the smoothness of the surface altered by filters and questions the urge for technical development and the ever-improving high definition in the digital world. His selfdescribed ‘bad ideas’ take a deeper look at the phenomenon of social media, explore the dynamics of our era, and document the current zeitgeist, while intentionally leaving the development of ‘smart ideas’ to the viewer. The interpretation of the depicted time capsules is therefore individually different, and the works unfold through the viewer’s eyes.


Bright neon colors, blurred surfaces, and straightforward references – in the heyday of social media and internet perfection, Hang’s mesmerizing paintings hit the zeitgeist in a humorous yet brutally honest and eye-opening way.


Gao Hang was born 1991 in Baoding, China and now lives and works in Houston, Texas. He received his bachelor’s degree from Capital Normal University, China, and his master’s degree from Houston University, US. He recently exhibited at L21 Gallery (Palma, Spain), The Hole (NY, US), Breach Gallery (Miami, US), Waluso Gallery (London, UK) and COVA Gallery (Eindhoven, Netherlands). His works have been collected by the CICA Museum of Art, Gyeonggi-do (Korea), the Lawndale Art Center (Houston, US), the Art Museum of Capital Normal University (Beijing, China) and the Chinese Quintessence Arts Museum (Beijing, China).



Gao Hang -  A bigger suck it, 2022

Gao Hang - Back off dude, 2022

Gao Hang - Downloading some virus, 2022

Gao Hang - Your children are protected, 2022

Gao Hang - Congratulations loser, 2021

Gao Hang - Your dad in metaverse, 2022

Gao Hang - Your teammate, 2022

Gao Hang - Everyone else totally sucks, 2022

Gao Hang - You and your mediocre group, 2022

Gao Hang - Keep my wife's face out of your painting, 2022

Gao Hang - Gas station 2, 2022



Installation View - Entrance area with "A bigger suck it" and "Downloading some virus"

Installation View - Gallery

Installation View - Walking by "Your dad in metaverse", "Gas station 2" and "Your teammate"

Installation View - Perspective overview  and "Your dad in metaverse", 

Installation View - Perspective overview and " Back off dude", "Your children are protected", "You and your mediocre group", Your dad in metaverse" and  "Gas station 2"

Installation View - Perspective overview and " Everyone else totally sucks", "Congratulations loser" and "Back off dude"

Installation View - Walking by "Downloading some virus" and "Everyone else totally sucks"

Installation View - Walking by with "Congratulations loser" and "Keep my wife's face out of your painting"

Installation View - Perspective overview 1

Installation View - Perspective overview 2

Installation View - Walking by "Your children are protected"

Installation View - Walking by "Back off dude"

Installation View - Walking by "A bigger suck it"

Installation View - Walking by " Your teammate"

Installation View - Walking by " Gas station 2"


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