Book signing at EIDIA House

“Tom Warren: The 1980s Art Scene in New York”

New York, June 30th 2022


Tom Warren's photographs will be exhibited at the EIDIA House during the continuing exhibition initiative PLATO’S CAVE on view from July 14th until August 13th. At the opening reception on July 14th, Tom Warren will sign the monography “Tom Warren: The 1080s Art Scene in New York. Portrait Studio / Visual Journal” published by PULPO GALLERY and Hatje Cantz in 2021. 


“…it's all pretty spontaneous." he says, "I talk to them before I go behind the camera. And I come out from behind the camera before I snap the shutter." 

“So they aren't performing for you?”

"Well I like to think they are performing for themselves." - Anthony Haden-Guest in: “Tom Warren: The 1980s Art Scene in New York”


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Katherina Zeifang

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June 30, 2022