Judy Rifka's works exhibited at Studio 111 Brooklyn

during a three-days group art show; special guest: Patti Astor

New York City, May 20th, 2022


The Studio 111 Brooklyn from New York City hosted a three-days group art show. Patti Astor, the founder of FUN GALLERY, was also present as a special guest.


Judy Rifka's works were also exhibited among artworks of artists like Pierre Jean Baptiste, Ronald Bianco, Danny Cortes, Ori Carino, COSE, DELTA 2, Al Diaz, DUKE9, Julian Gardair, Joseph Guillette, Rich Fie, Tim Kent, Valeri Larko, Hayley Martell, Mike Mills, Eric Orr, Amy Regalia, Judy Rifka, Leia Sands, Michael Saviello, Albert Sqambati, SNAKE-1, Jim Tozzi, Omar Villegas & Melanie Vote.


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Katherina Zeifang


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May 20, 2022