Agnes Grochulska's Exhibition "Archetypes"

Featured at Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Virginia, September 20, 2021


Agnes Grochulska's solo exhibition "Archetypes" will be shown from November 27, 2021, until March 6, 2022, at the MOCA Virginia, USA. 


Based on Carl Gustav Jung's studies that there are 12 human archetypes, Grochulska develops and paints highly expressive and complex portraits that depict each of these archetypes: the Innocent, the Sage, the Explorer, the Outlaw, the Magician, the Hero, the Lover, the Jester, the Everyman, the Caregiver, the Ruler, and the Artist.


Grochulska deals with a highly psychological game between the viewer and the sitter and enables an understanding of these character types.





Katherina Zeifang

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September 20, 2021