Felicidad Moreno

11 March - 8 April 2022 Murnau

Felicidad Moreno was artistically trained in Madrid. Her work focuses on abstraction based on color and matter and moves between geometry and gesture. She belongs to the generation of painters born around 1960 who began to show their works in the mid-eighties, a time when there was a revision of expressionist abstraction. In her pictorial language forms of intimate, feminine and “gender” resonance coexist with chromatic gestures, vegetal motifs and strict geometry, the latter often being of linear character, developed in knots or rhizomes, circular or spiral and understood as repetitive units.


Geometry will find its plenitude in the luminous outbursts distilled by the circles and spirals of her works from the early 90's; a geometry that will increase in prominence, as seen in her series hipnÓptico presented at MUSAC in León in 2006. There, she transforms her own pictorial production into a simulacrum by using the digital image and the canvas support, translating her paintings into liquified forms and spirals of a kinetic character. - Loosely translated from “Bajo la piel/sobre el cielo“ by Rafel Doctor, 1997