I have always thought that my work is the symbolic place where I can express the deepest part of my internal world, a kind of life diary of the unconscious.


From the technical point of view I am interested in the artisanal pictorial tradition, its intrinsic beauty, the subtleties of the brushstrokes that keep the painter's unique hand and the many quotes to the history of painting. In addition, this type of painting, due to the time and dedication it needs, forces me to plan very well what I am going to paint, for which I am worth of all possible technological means. I think that the traditional technique is perfectly compatible with the new technologies.


What interests me most apart from the technical processes of painting, is that the symbols interact with each other in such a way that they reach the point of insinuating feelings and producing contradictions just and necessary to touch the viewer's sensitive fibers.


In that search the artists create their own symbols that are sacred to them. In my case, animals and girls are revealed as preconscious, amoral creatures, a set of forces that are not finished coding to become an ocean of sensuality, violence, tenderness and beauty. It is that ambiguous and sensual violence of nature that seduces me the most."



2021 Solo exhibition at MOCO Museum, Barcelona, Spain

2019 Solo exhibition at Asprey Mayfair curated by Simon de Pury, London UK

2018 “Nocturnal animals”  Gabriela Mistral Cultural center, Santiago Chile

2014 “The eternal life”. National Museum of fine arts, Santiago Chile 

2012 Candy house.  Hilario Galguera Gallery, México DF

2010 “Pinturas en latencia”. CCU art gallery, Santiago de Chile

2007 “Diebushka”. Matthei Gallery, Santiago de Chile



2021 "(Re)Birth of Venus". Pulpo Gallery, Murnau, Germany

2018 “Dog in poses” Museo Venarea Realle, Turin 

2015 “Hernecia”,  MEAM Museum, Barcelona.

2015 “Rasegna Stampa”  Castello di Lipari, Sicilia.



2009 Chilean Bicentenario proyect , subway station Baquedano, Santiago de Chile

2008 Mural Casino Marina del Sol (3x32 mts) Concepción, Chile. 

2005-2006 Mural Tabalí vineyard (4x45 mts) Ovalle, Chile