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Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (006/20), 2020.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (007/20), 2020.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (008/20), 2020.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (019/20), 2020.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (C50P/20), 2020.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (A08/21), 2021.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (A14/21), 2021.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (B25/21), 2021.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (B26/21), 2021.

Felicidad Moreno - Untitled (B30/21), 2021.



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PULPO GALLERY, Murnau am Staffelsee, 16 March - 16 April 2022


Press Preview: Friday, 18 March 2022 from 11 am to 12 am - with a curatorial tour

Art Lovers’ Night: Friday, 1 April 2022 from 5 pm to 8 pm - the artist will be present


"During the last years my main interest when I m painting is to let the painting have its own autonomy. I intentionally let it slide and follow its own course and I intervene directing the direction in which the painting falls, moving the painting from one side to another, like a kind of dance." – Felicidad Moreno


PULPO GALLERY is pleased to announce Felicidad Moreno’s upcoming solo exhibition

STREAMFLOW, on view from March 16 through April 16, 2022. An ART LOVERS’ NIGHT event will be held on Friday, 1 April 2022 from 5 pm to 8 pm and we are especially happy to welcome Felicidad Moreno on this occasion. Visitors are kindly asked to RSVP to Please note the current hygiene rules.


The exhibition FELICIDAD MORENO - STREAMFLOW features the most recent works by the Spanish artist. After numerous exhibitions at significant institutions in Spain, Moreno’s paintings are being shown in a solo exhibition in Germany for the first time.


Streamflow – Like streams of water, Felicidad Moreno lets the paint flow across her

canvasses, capturing a state between weightlessness and grand movement.


“Water flowing through a river is never the same. In the same way, the paintings of Felicidad are active supports in constant change. In Moreno's work, it is the cellular forms that hypnotically dominate the surface, dissolving and merging with each other. At times they merge with the background, and at others, like rays reflecting off water, they flow through the openings of the large patches of paint.” – Clara Galindo


Moreno’s works are expressions of movement in liquified forms. In each of her paintings, splashes of colors find their way through numerous layers of paint. At different stages of her artistic career, she focused on circles, spirals, and geometric forms. Now she lets the paint dance on the canvas in a full expression of abstractionism. Moreno allows the liquid enamel to follow its own course over the acrylic background while altering the natural flow by moving and balancing the canvas. The resulting trace stems from a controlled coincidence and creates organic shapes that characterize her new body of work.


With large gestures, she executes color explosions on the canvas, while recurring black and white elements dominate the central area of her paintings. These repetitive motives are however never identical.


Her compositions lead the eye over curves and lines into an unknown space beyond the

boundaries of the canvas, absorbing the viewer into the movement of the work.

Felicidad Moreno was born in Spain in 1959 and grew up inspired by the artistic atmosphere and revolutionary new ways of artistic expression during the 1980s. Since the beginning of her career, she has constantly reinvented and deepened her painterly language. She challenges the boundaries of painting by combining different techniques and engaging colors and forms within an abstract game.




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