Jorge Galindo: Postcard Paintings in Vanity Fair Art

London, April 30, 2021


"The pioneering course in modern art that Barr initiated at Wellesley is said to be the first of its kind in the American academy. It became a subject of lively public discussion when Barr's remarkably comprehensive Modern Art Questionnaire - an entrance exam he devised to screen students for his Wellesley course - was published in its entirety as a feature in Vanity Fair, a magazine then widely read in literary and art circles." - from "The man who created MOMA" by Hilton Kramer.


Until this day, Vanity Fair continues to discuss fine art and currently examines Jorge Galindo's Postcard Paintings exhibition at PULPO GALLERY in Murnau:


"Jorge Galindo’s Postcard Paintings are of monumental scale. To call them floral still lifes doesn’t do them justice. The combination of silk-screened canvases and dynamic brushstrokes builds a bridge between romantic longing and contemporary painting."


May 3, 2021