Judy Rifka's Ionic Ironic at CORE CLUB

show runs until March 29th

New York City, February 21, 2019

ANTE Up the ANTE reviews Judy Rifka's "Ionic Ironic: Myths from the 80's" exhibition at CORE Club:
"Hierarchies dissolve across the picture plane in Ionic Ironic: Myths from the 80’s, with shapes colliding and ricocheting across the canvas. Iconographies dissolve into mythic status with recurring motifs and shapes juxtaposing against flat swaths of color in methods recalling De Stijl legend Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie. Rhythm and line jostle for the viewer’s attention, creating a complex yet ultimately rewarding composition. Rifka’s works seduce, beguiling visitors over time – multiple viewings continue to reward the viewer with something previously undiscovered. Somehow both complex yet reassuringly straightforward, works by Judy Rifka evade easy categorization."




Katherina Zeifang


+49 171 1778796

February 21, 2019