ARTFORUM SPOTLIGHT: Jorge Galindo - Postcard Paintings at Pulpo Gallery

New York City, March 10, 2021


ARTFORUM SPOTLIGHT discusses Jorge Galindo's show Postcard Paintings which will be on view at PULPO GALLERY from April 19 to May 16, 2021:


"His fascination with postcards, when viewed against the backdrop of social distancing and isolation, brought about by the COVID pandemic, shines a special light on his work. What’s the meaning of postcards in a time where photos and messages are conveyed via social media, oftentimes before the sender even grasps their meaning? Doesn’t a postcard, handwritten and carefully selected, carry new significance, in a time where special occasions cannot be celebrated in the company of others? What do postcards mean when the journeys from which they greet do not take place?"




Katherina Zeifang

+49 171 1778796

March 12, 2021