Okayplayer on Rulton Fyder's acquisition of Azealia Banks vinyl LP

Philadelphia, March 10, 2021

Progressive music site Okayplayer reported on Rulton Fyder's acquisition of Azealia Banks latest NFT which gives him "full rights of ownership, distribution, and display, as well as a signed vinyl LP".
Fyder has since turned the NFT into several conceptual art pieces of his own, including Sex Tapes Are Artworks, 2021 which at the time of this writing has a high bid of $ 73.726 on NFT marketplace Rarible.
Commentaries have already compared Fyders reconceptualization of the NFT to Andrea Fraser’s Untitled (2003), a videotape performance released in an edition of five that features a sexual encounter between Fraser and a collector. This silent and unedited sixty-minute document was proposed by Fraser as an assertion against the commoditization of art and is considered a landmark work today.



Mar 10, 2021