Artforum Summer 1981: Rene Ricard on Julian Schnabel and Judy Rifka

Article titled Not About Julian Schnabel

New York City, June 1, 1981


Rene Ricard revises his opinion of Julian Schnabel's work in his latest Artforum article that is full of praise:

"I never cared for Julian’s work and still ain’t crazy about the drawings. When I saw the first plate however I realized that here was something I had to come to terms with, that I somehow had a responsibility to it, pushing as it did so much else into the back of my mind, as a new love will erase a difficult love one has been battling. And now as the etiolated American hegemony withdraws we see, as Judy Rifka sees, a great world of art blooming in perfection and Julian wielding his great artillery in the setting of the American sun."


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June 1, 1981