The Brooklyn Rail: Judy Rifka Nostos

by Cassandra Neyenesch

Brooklyn, October 1, 2007


Cassandra Neyenesch reviews Judy Rifka's show "Nostos" for The Brooklyn Rail:

"Since her days at the forefront of postmodern painting in the 80’s, Judy Rifka’s oeuvre has been admirably restless. There is an interplay between subject and expression that makes her difficult to pin down as an artist; sometimes one seems to take precedence and sometimes the other, but they are equally important to her, and this creates a continual tension inside the work. Her new series at the Chocolate Factory demonstrates the complexity of her project. Shapes resembling mangled abattoir leavings are painted in livid reds and bone-blues and dark purples on natural linen, then the painting is cut out and glued to another piece of linen. Smaller canvas collages are more restrained, made of cut-out circular shapes that seem to refer both to an older obsession of Rifka’s with classicizing forms and to the Russian Suprematists."


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Oct 1, 2007