Harper's Bazaar Arabia: Lessons in Movement

Bringing an East Side vibe to Dubai

Dubai, October 1, 2016


Harper's Bazaar Arabia's Rebecca Anne Proctor ran a long article about Judy Rifka titled "Lessons in Movement. Bringing an East Side vibe to Dubai, New York-based artist Judy Rifka shows a mix of old and new works in RETROactive at the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation".


Discussing her solo show at the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, Proctor writes:


"A unique hybrid of expressionist brushstrokes (an echo of her training with Abstract Expressionists), coupled with constant explorations in line and space, Rifka's work is pop culture made simple, recognisable and relatable". 


The show is accompanied by a lot of artistic dialogue around her work including workshops, talks and apprenticeships for UAE students who will work with Rifka in the lead-up to the opening.


Oct 1, 2016