Jeanne Silverthorne highlights lack of women in "The Pressure To Paint" show

Says Judy Rifka should have been paired with David Salle

New York City, October 1st, 1982


Jeanne Silverthorne reviews "The Pressure To Paint" in Artforum's October 1982 issue and highlights the lack of women in the show:


"There are no women in the show. ... there are plenty of women who would have more than held their own in the visual pairing done here. Along with Baselitz/Schnabel and Haring/Penck, there could have been Judy Rifka/Salle, Austé/Haring, Louisa Chase/Cucci, Pat Steir/Kiefer, and Joan Snyder/Schnabel, to name but a few."


The full article can be found at Artforum.




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October 1, 1982