Glenn O’Brien discusses Judy Rifka’s contribution to Colab, “A More Store”

Colab, "A More Store", takes place at Jack Tilton Gallery

New York City, March 1st, 1984


Artforum's March 1984 issue sees Glenn O'Brien discuss Judy Rifka's contribution to Colab, "A More Store", at Jack Tilton Gallery:


"Colab’s store idea is a great one—too bad it just happens once a year. I’d like to see a permanent art dime store. In the summer they could sell original beach blankets and famous-artist bikinis. How about a department in Bloomingdale’s or Bendel’s?"


There were unique objects, multiples, and variable multiples. Some things were quite useful (and beautiful), like Judy Rifka’s throw pillows and shopping bags.



The full article can be found at Artforum.




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March 1, 1984