Dancers, drummers, posers - a veritable New York cast features in Judy Rifka's latest paintings

Kate Linker for Artforum Summer 1982

New York City, June 1st, 1982


Rene Ricard called it the "Greatest Show on Earth". Here is Kate Linker's review for the summer 1982 issue of Artforum:


"But most important are her characters—a veritable New York cast. Most step out of the rock clubs; there are dancers, drummers, posers. And many are femmes fatales—racy ladies with high-heeled shoes, who strut their stuff and perform. These figures run and jump, cavorting across the canvas, or swoop in from the wings—from offstage, “real” terrain. And while some are punk priestesses, still others are graffiti guerrillières armed with spray cans. Whoever’s on the scene, supposedly, is there."


The full article can be found at Artforum.




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June 1, 1982