Review of Judy Rifka's show in Artforum November 1980 issue

Joan Casademont reviews Judy Rifka at Braathen-Gallozzi Contemporary Art

New York City, November 1st, 1980


Joan Casademont reviews Judy Rifka's show at Braathen-Gallozzi Contemporary Art in the Artforum, November 1980 issue:


"Eclecticism—not to be confused with this year’s fashion—informs Judy Rifka’s painting from the series, “80 Views of West Broadway.” Rifka doesn’t rehash old points, though her approach shows a careful consideration of color and form. The catch is that the work appears very contemporary, since its “accessibility” carries a distinctly New Wave sensibility.


These seven paintings are of a limited palette. On grey backgrounds, Rifka arranges, contrasts and composes silhouettes, shapes, and reverse silhouettes of other shades of flat acrylic grey, white, red, yellow, orange and black. The complex is simplified by a central composition; each collage revolves around the suggestion of an aerial view of a street corner, represented by lines converging from two perpendicular sides of the picture plane. In each painting, this concentrated collage of forms (many of which are in bas-relief) tumbles out of or cascades back into its corner boundary."


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November 1, 1980