Javier Martin exhibited in Seoul Museum

3650 Storage - 인터뷰
Seoul, January 9, 2023
On the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Seoul Museum, the exhibition "3650 Storage - 인터뷰" presents two of Javier Martin's works from his "Blindness" Collection: "Blindness Between the Moon and the Lies" and "Blindness Inner Door", both from 2021. These two works were also shown during his solo exhibition "Lights Appropriation" at PULPO GALLERY in 2022.
The exhibition in Seoul is open until April 16, 2023.
"This exhibition brings back artists who have been introduced through the Seoul Museum for the past 10 years and introduces new works in the form of interviews that share stories about inspiration, worries and visions of artists of this era. [...] The two works we have included on this exhibition are a part of his Blindness collection, which consist on the appropiation of advertisement imagery of seemingly perfect symbols of a standard of beauty in contemporary society, and deconstructing this perceived perfection to create a contrast between consumption and technology." - Seoul Museum.
Jan 9, 2023