"with her voice, penetrate earth's floor"⁠ featured in the CNN Edition

Exhibition curated by stephanie mei huang

New York City, April 18, 2022


The group exhibition "with her voice, penetrate earth's floor"⁠ on view at the Eli Klein Gallery in New York was spotlighted in the newest CNN Article written by the journalist Harmeet Kaur.

Kaur's article was also published by the Madison365,  operated by 365 Media Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.


"huang, who works as an interdisciplinary artist, created replicas of Chinese Daqianmen cigarettes -- a brand that was also a favorite of their grandfather's -- out of joss paper for the altar. Joss papers, also known as ghost money, are tissue-thin sheets burned as offerings to ancestors in China and other Asian countries.

"Asian people are expected to dull their emotions in this country and be perceived as pleasant," said huang, who opts to lowercase their name to keep the emphasis on the art. "To be pleasant all the time means that you cannot grieve all the time. And I think it's resulted in a lot of unprocessed grieving. Reminding ourselves to return to the grieving processes that our ancestors engaged in feels right at this time."
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Apr 18, 2022