stephanie mei huang's group exhibition

at Eli Klein Gallery, New York⁠ ⁠

New York City,  April 11, 2022.


The upcoming group exhibition "with her voice, penetrate earth's floor"⁠ in memory of Christina Yuna Lee, is on view from April 13 until June 5 2022.

Kelly Akashi, Patty Chang, stephanie mei huang, Christina Yuna Lee, Maia Ruth Lee, Candice Lin, Astria Suparak, Hồng-Ân Trương, Haena Yoo⁠

"With both honor and continued heartbreak, Eli Klein Gallery presents with her voice, penetrate earth’s floor, a group exhibition in memory of Christina Yuna Lee, curated by stephanie mei huang. Christina, a beloved employee of the gallery for over four years, was stalked and killed in NYC’s Chinatown on February 13, 2022.⁠
Works by nine contemporary femme artists in the AAPI community, including Christina herself, will be presented to celebrate the life and grieve the death of Christina Yuna Lee. At least 50 percent of all sales will go directly to Christina Yuna Lee’s Memorial Fund to support the organizations and places of most significance to her."⁠


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Katherina Zeifang

+49 171 1778796

April 11, 2022