Guillermo Lorca's new catalogue


Barcelona, March 20, 2022.



The Spanish publisher BY PUBLICATIONS has brought out a catalogue featuring Guillermo Lorca's impressive body of work: "THE PLETHORIC SCENE IN THE WORK OF GUILLERMO LORCA".

"The Chilean painter Guillermo Lorca is an exceptional plastic artist. Despite his youth, he already has an amazing international career and a very unique pictorial language. His painting draws a hypnotic image on the ambiguous and sensual violence of nature. And he suggests, with a strong psychoanalytic background, the psychic and emotional syntax of those internal landscapes that revolve around the anguish of death and the force of desire. It is a work invaded by symbolism with moments of ecstasy, in which death borders on beauty or danger is tied to seduction. Each painting is the tip of the iceberg of that unconscious magma of the human condition. Because in the fabric of the canvas we can recognize the notions of Eros and Thanatos or the category of "the sinister" of Sigmund Freud."⁠


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Katherina Zeifang

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March 20, 2022