La Pintura y las Flores - Jorge Galindo

book release - by publications

Barcelona, August 25, 2021


In this latest edition published by BY PUBLICATIONS, Jorge Galindo's flower paintings are shown in unique photographs. These photographs were taken by Jean Marie at different times during the painting process.


Jorje Galindo is known for his lively colors and the brisk painting technique that merges with his whole being during the painting process - to be able to finish the large-format paintings, he must put the canvases on the floor and use his whole body in exhausting movements.


This bilingual edition is limited to just 200 copies - all of them were hand-painted and signed by the artist. Galindo’s painting and signing process was documented and recorded by La Famosa Productora.


The books are delivered in a specially made wooden box that has a methacrylate lid and bracketed on back - this ensures that the high-quality books and Galindo’s painting on the cover can be protected and conserved.




Katherina Zeifang

+49 171 1778796

August 25, 2021