Mäusebunker and Hygieneinstitut in Venice Event on Occasion of the "Pavilion Days" on 23.09.2021

features artworks by Tracey Snelling

Venice, August 23, 2021


In the exhibition "Mäusebunker & Hygieneinstitut: Experimental Setup BERLIN Ar chitetture di G+M Hänska I Fehling + Gogel ", curated by Ludwig Heimbach, these questions are negotiated on the basis of two icons of post-war modernism that are commonly  attributed to "Brutalism": The demolition-threatened Central Animal Laboratories of the  Free University of Berlin ("Mäusebunker") by Gerd and Magdalena Hänska (1966 - 1981)  and the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology by Fehling+Gogel (1967 - 1974), which  was listed as a historical monument in the course of the debate in January 2021. 


On the occasion of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, the much-discussed exhibition  of the BDA Galerie Berlin shown in Berlin in autumn 2020 has been invited by the University of Venice (IUAV) to be presented in an expanded and updated version in the "sala es 

positivo Gino Valle" of the IUAV in the worth seeing building of the Cotonificio Veneziano  from 27th of August to 24th of September 2021


In Venice, the artistic positions already exhibited in Berlin by Julian Rosefeldt, Lothar Hempel, Farao and Kay Fingerle will be expanded by current works by Tracey Snelling, Alexis Dworsky and Andreas Fogarasi. 

In addition, works by students from various schools of architecture on the Mäusebunker  from last year are now also on display: The works of students from KIT Karlsruhe, ETH Zurich, Bauhaus Universität Weimar,  Technical University Berlin, Aarhus School of Architecture, ENSAP Bordeaux and the Estonian Academy of Arts open up perspectives on the possible future of the building. 


As part of the "Pavilion Days" of the Architecture Biennale, a curators' talk will take place on 23rd of September at 17:30 h. 


The exhibition of BDA Galerie Berlin is sponsored by the Landesdenkmalamt Berlin and shown at the invitation of the IUAV Universita di Venezia. 

The work of Tracey Snelling is shown with the kind support of SPAD, San Pablo Arts District. 



IUAV di Venezia - Cotonificio Veneziano  

Sala Espositivo Gino Valle Dorsoduro 2196 30123 Venezia 


Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9 – 19 h 

Opening: 27th of August 2021 17:30 h 


Speakers at the opening:

Prof. Marko Pogacnik, IUAV 

Dr. Christoph Rauhut, Landeskonservator Berlin 

Ludwig Heimbach, architect and curator of the exhibition 


Pavilion Days: 

Public Seminar at IUAV: 23rd of September 2021, 9.30 h - 16.00 h 

Curators Talk on occasion of the Pavilion Days: 23rd of September 2021, 17.30 h 


For further press material, please contact:  

Sophie Heck, BDA Berlin, Tel +49 (0) 30-886 83206, heck@bda-berlin.de

Aug 23, 2021