Felicidad Moreno's Exhibition "Cielos Líquidos"

In the Espacio Santa Catalina, Spain

 Badajoz,  August 14, 2021


The Santa Catalina cultural area houses the “Cielos Líquidos” exhibition by Felicidad Moreno, as part of the Arteria project. Moreno belongs to the generation of painters who became known to the public in the mid-1980s for her expressionist-abstract works.


In her works Moreno works with the fusion between the abstract, the organic and the geometric - she develops a symbiosis from opposing forms and figures.


In this exhibition “Cielos Líquidos” she lets the colors run freely on the surface of the canvas without interfering much with the natural course of them; this creates aleatoric and self-determining color lines. At the same time Moreno experiments with the coincidence and with the control over the paint – while the colors run freely on the surface, she spontaneous decides to interfere in their course and to change their dynamic.


Atmospheric events such as sunrises, sunsets, and twilight, which were painted in artistic tone gradations, serve as the background. The resulting shapes and patterns, which create a hypnotic impression, merge with the background, and take hold of it in form of lines or areas.


Moreno manages to offer the viewer a highly artistic and magical observation of the sky, which is in a perfect dance with the colors and lights.




Aug 14, 2021