Rulton Fyder interviewed for Whitehot Magazine Podcast

by Noah Becker

New York City, July 15, 2021


Anonymous artist and NFT collector Rulton Fyder went on Noah Becker's Whitehot Magazine Podcast for the second time on Thursday night to discuss his recent family and health issues, some of his upcoming art projects as well as his EROTICA token project.


Below are some takeaways from the interview:


Many people in our world [...]they tend to ignore what's happening at the grassroot of technology and art. That's what's happened. Like the ivory tower approach we used to have, and right now it's flipped upside down. All because of what? All because of social media. Where anonymous people can band together to work on projects. Where people from all over the place can believe in an art project and carry us through the hard times and make it successful. 

At first, the disruption may seem crazy. But let history be the judge Noah. Always history will be the judge. Because later along the way there will be art historians trying to wrap this all together. Because our art, art is a reflection of our society. Like the NFT does not happen over night. It happened because we are all too connected. And than the shift of art from this New York centric will not happen over night because everyone can make an instagram account and be an art critic and have the same power of a New York art critic.

I think we are at the cross of this technological innovation as well as the art innovation. And I highly suggest anyone from the art world that feel confused or  feel angered by NFT or anything. Dig into history books. Read about impressionist and read about any significant art movement and see the hatreds, see the confusion of people back than towards anything new. And than make your own correlations or make your own judgements.



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July 16, 2021