Art Trips in Bavaria: Rulton Fyder

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Nuremberg, June 22, 2021


Louisa Behr discusses art trips worth taking around Bavaria for


Rural Bavaria, far from the metropolises of Nuremberg and Munich, can offer more than idyllic scenery, good food and mountains! There is also a lot of contemporary art to discover - and what better way to explore it in the hot temperatures than on a day trip? First to the museum and then swimming in Lake Starnberg or Lake Staffelsee!


The chic, Upper Bavarian town is also home to the PULPO GALLERY, which is hosting the exhibition "Capturing the current Zeitgeist - Rulton Fyder in dialogue with conceptual art contemporaries" until Sunday, June 27. The exhibition not only explores NFT art and the world of cryptocurrencies - a topic we can hardly ignore - but does so in a physical space in dialogue with contemporaries of conceptual art. Anonymous NFT collector and artist Rulton Fyder captures the current, digital zeitgeist and conquered the blockchain art world online. Now, his works are being shown in the analog world for the first time.

Jun 23, 2021