stephanie mei huang: (self-portraits) as neither donkey nor horse


Los Angeles, June 22, 2021 discusses stephanie mei huang: (self-portraits) as neither donkey nor horse at Hauser & Wirth:

In the wake of the 2021 Atlanta Spa Shootings, huang’s work addresses biopolitical and xenophobic rhetoric that finds its roots in19th century “yellow peril” and then becomes regurgitated and expanded upon in a 21st century anti-Chinese discourse surrounding Covid-19. huang counters/engages with this discourse with domesticized objects of play: play as drag/dress-up, domestication as colonization, animacies as hierichichalized bodies, miniaturization and infantilization of cowboy culture. As a power reversal, huang miniaturizes the very mythologies and institutions that threaten to diminish their body.  


Katherina Zeifang

+49 171 1778796

June 23, 2021