stephanie mei huang contribution to Fool's Window

Los Angeles, October 30, 2020


Patrick Michael Ballard, who sees his art in the context of a broad cultural milieux, one that seeks collaboration across not only artistic mediums but also the fields of game theory and development, design, education, public speaking, neuroscience, and social practice, invited stephanie mei huang to collaborate and participate in Fool's Window, an ongoing immersive game and theatrical environment staged for individuals to explore. Discussing stephanie's contribution he writes:

"Here, Stephanie Mei-Huang utilizing her tool of choice, roller skates, to enact one of many object oriented actions within the tableaux staged for her. Stephanie spent many hours executing choreographies which she created once in the space, each one revealing subtleties of meaning and concrete features of the objects. She brought three cameras with her, each one capturing a very different kind of footage, opening up the complexity with which she thinks about how media and point-of-view radically alter the way we project ourself into space as a viewer."


Footage can be found here.



Katherina Zeifang

+49 171 1778796

October 30, 2020