Head and Shoulders. Mastering the art of portraying

This exhibition provides a comprehensive exploration of contemporary portraiture, an art form that has captivated humanity since ancient times. It delves into the desire for self-expression, the subtle portrayal of character traits, and the unveiling of hidden or suppressed emotions that become apparent through prolonged contemplation. 


The artworks featured in this show draw inspiration from diverse cultural backgrounds. They all share a common source: the human figure as a reflection of personal experiences. These artworks go beyond a simple representation of the human form and instead incorporate expressive gestures, offering a multitude of interpretations. 


From stylized forms to realistic portraits, some pieces serve as substitutes for human presence, presented with both seriousness and irony. They focus on the complex layers of the subconscious mind, capturing personal experiences and emotions that are etched into the flesh. Furthermore, they act as a reflection of the viewer, translating their own thoughts and feelings into the artwork. 


The exhibition showcases pronounced and expressive artworks by acclaimed artists, highlighting significant moments in art history. These pieces have been created using various media, including oil paint, graphite, charcoal, spray, and ink. 

By exploring the diverse representations of the human figure, the show invites viewers to reflect on the contemporary perception of the body and its significance.