Doreh Schütz - Fine Art

Nov 13 - Nov 18, 2023 - Exhibition at BERGSON × PULPO Gallery Pop-up
PULPO GALLERY has the great pleasure of showing works of Doreh Schütz at the BERGSON x PULPO Gallery Pop-up in Munich, on view from November 13 through November 18, 2023
“My photos are characterized by graphic-looking images. The viewer is always surprised at how simple things can be seen differently and put in a different context. The images are dominated by light and shadow and unusual lines. I capture these drawn moments photographically, allowing the viewer to linger in front of my pictures and inviting them to engage with them. The photos appear picturesque, not always entirely realistic. It’s important to me to capture what I see photographically and to leave the picture as it is.” - Doreh Schütz
Nov 7, 2023