Jorge Galindo & Julian Schnabel: Flower Paintings

Reviewed by Amanda Millet-Sorsa for THE BROOKLYN RAIL

Brooklyn, June 18th, 2021


We can imagine these immense oils on canvas, painted either on the floor or the wall, or perhaps both, where the oversized roses float freely in their painterly world, including variously executed speeds of brushwork, splashes, splatters, footprints, imprints of paint cans, among other accidental elements, all of which are harmoniously integrated. We can feel the pain of the dismemberment of gigantic roses exploding without their stems, and vice versa. The erotic and sensual brushstrokes in thick carnal colors of reds, pinks, ochres, and browns erotically elicit what de Kooning famously said, “Flesh was the reason oil painting was invented.” This fleshiness is exactly what Galindo’s roses seem to exude.  

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Juni 18, 2021