"Wood-Evans evocative works create a crackled tension, of place and unknown space on the canvas, blurring the distinctions between the past and the present. Swiftly, with his Proustian sensibility, Jake Evan-Wood catches the transience of past histories - its glories and frustrations; in his ‘search for lost time’, he reveals time’s depth, unveiling all its sublime pleasures and tainted legacies". - Rachael Thomas, Senior Curator: Head of Exhibitions Irish Museum of Modern Art


In an age dominated by screens and pixelated image, Jake Wood-Evans’ work feels like a welcome antidote. Drawing on the legacies of Old Masters, his intention is to capture the essence of these historic works without replicating them, depicting familiar, yet obscured subject matter.


Creating ethereal images that are both unsettling and beautiful, Wood-Evans’ powerful use of light emerges from a loose and instinctive application of paint. His oil paintings shimmer with luminous and intense layers of colour as bold marks, dripping oils and scored surfaces sit in company with fine, delicate detail.


Describing his work as "a process of conflict with the ambiguous space between representation and abstraction", Wood-Evans resists the urge to provide easy readings or instantly accessible compositions. He invites the viewer to pause and quietly contemplate a series of multi-layered paintings that denote a common visual language built through our shared history and consumption of art imagery.


Wood-Evans’ work has been exhibited at galleries in London and across the UK, as well as international art fairs. He has worked with museums including Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery and The Holburne, Bath. Wood-Evans’ work can be found in private collections internationally, including collections in New York, Malaysia, London, Antwerp and Miami. He holds a BA Hons in Fine Art from Falmouth University, and was subsequently awarded a scholarship from the Royal Academy for classical study at the Prado museum in Madrid. The artist currently lives and works near Lewes, East Sussex.



2021 (Re-)Birth of Venus, Pulpo Gallery, Murnau, Germany
2020 Drawn Together, Unit London, UK
2020 Relic, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Winchester, UK
2019 Legacy & Disorder, Unit London, UK
2017 Transitions, Unit London, UK
2017 Reportrait, Nottingam Castle Museum & Art Gallery, UK
2017 Art Wynwood, Miami, Florida, USA
2017 Avante Arte, Unit London, UK
2016 Subjection & Discipline, Unit London, UK
2015 Paintguide, Unit London, UK
2015 Lawrence Acquisition Campaign, The Holborne Museum, Bath, UK
2014 Darkness Visible, Leyden Gallery, London, UK