GOIN - Hell from the shell

July 26, 2021
Goin - Hell from the shell. Photo by Thomas Dashuber.
Goin - Hell from the shell. Photo by Thomas Dashuber.

Two elements of this work are clearly recognizable: the Shell-logo and a detailed Botticelli Venus. We may be dealing with a subtle irony and probably with a political-critical confrontation. The Shell-logo refers to the petroleum industry, while the black and gray figure, which has been taken out of its original context, creates a certain interaction between irony and criticism: she is innocent and ashamed, but she stands in a black puddle of oil like a goddess full of self-confidence. What she once embodied is completely lost in this work: from a goddess who was born purely from the foam of the sea, a figure stained with petroleum, who looks conflictingly to the viewer is presented to us. The fact that only the logo was colored should also be understood as an invitation to a skillful discussion on fracking and environment. GOIN creates an extremely elaborate and balanced composition that was created using aerosols, and he encourages the question: Is this Venus a new allegory of a goddess created from a mixture of petroleum, power and destruction?


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Cezara-Maria Casian