Mircea Suciu - Venus

July 26, 2021
Mircea Suciu - Venus. Photo by Thomas Dashuber.
Mircea Suciu - Venus. Photo by Thomas Dashuber.

The ability to integrate photography and painting in an outstanding symbiosis can be considered Suciu’s signature. In this tableau, the discrepancy between hues, gray tones and abrupt contrastive changes is presented us as a highly pleasant visual harmony. The strictly geometric lines, which were constructed both vertically and horizontally, also allow a certain reading direction of this work: from the darkest shades of blue, which were placed on the margins, down to the lightest blue color, which is applied in structureless brushstrokes at the end of this graded color scale - they subtly try to point to the centered marble-gray naked Venus. She stands serenely in a three-dimensional shell, while her visage is covered by another gray mussel. The lines and the yellow circle make the composition appear almost unstructured - but precisely from this affinity Suciu’s of combining the abstract and the figurative in a congruence, arises an elaborate composition that brings the art to a different intellectual level.



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