When I set out to be an artist, I knew absolutely no one in the field and wanted to change that. I also knew (believed I knew) what sort of art I wanted to make. As a teenager and young man, it was the Old Masters or bust. But in the 80's, nobody was painting like an Old Master let alone teaching like one. In my 20's, I learned to be careful for what you wish for. Dreams do come true. I attained—by chance, luck and hard work—the Old Master's skill but not the vision of one. That's when my journey really began. Or, more precisely, my spiraling away from art in order to become the man I needed to be in the first place. Which, in turn, has made me the artist I always believed I was at the very beginning. Vision and all. - Gregory de la Haba

In his work de la Haba oscillates between a realistic painting style and a conceptual art, which artfully merge with and into each other. De la Haba chooses contemporary and sometimes controversial themes such as addiction, masculinity and the duende concept.