My work is about the figure in landscape and about installation or conceptual art practices. I'm trying to think about space in painting as installation and the landscape as a gallery space. Objects, figures and references to art history are "installed" in these landscapes or spaces as a way to consider form, shape and color. Graffiti is the texture of urban spaces and appears in the paintings to remind viewers that human interaction with the landscape has occurred. 
Noah Becker is an American and Canadian artist and jazz saxophonist based in New York City. His works have been exhibited at art institutions worldwide, including the George Berges Gallery, New York; Virgil Catherine Gallery, Chicago; Katzen Art Museum, American University, Washington DC; Papier 2018 Art Fair, Montreal, Quebec; Rockland Center for the Arts, New York; Artion Gallery, New York and Vancouver Art Gallery in Canada. Becker also publishes Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, an art journal featuring writings by art critics, such as Donald Kuspit, Anthony Haden-Guest and Phoebe Hoban. The writings of Becker have also appeared in Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art, Huffington Post and Artvoices.