I have never considered my work to be of the place where I presently live, nor of anyone place in particular. However, I will admit that my work most likely represents an American experience. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a Social Scientist; a Sociologist observing people, an Anthropologist traveling with notebook, an Archeologist making field sketches. I have never wanted to be specifically associated with any one particular school or movement of art or thought. I feel more compelled to create work that represents a more generalized experience; at once familiar, common and unsettling, of the potential viewer and as an individual artist.

Jordan West was born 1969 in Wyoming, United States. He spent his early childhood in the very remote, socially isolated areas of the Great Plains of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Upon his majority, he traveled the Western United States, working various jobs from New Mexico to Alaska. After a couple years of these endeavors he sought out an urban, cultural center; and, in 1987, moved to Seattle, Washington where he began to write poetry, experience the cultural-music scene, and begin the practice of his visual art. He remained in Seattle for four years; after which he embarked upon a year- long cross-country motorcycle journey to Toronto, Canada; ending his trip in New York City, where he subsequently lived, worked, and studied for the following ten years. In 2002 he moved to New Mexico, where he raised his two sons, designed and built a studio and house, and continues to live and work.